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Halloween Dog Bandanas and Pet Scrunchie Neck Ruffles

Some are sweet treats and some are spooky! My Halloween themed bandanas and scrunchie neck ruffles are perfect for pets to wear to parties ...

January 11, 2016

What's new for January

Happy New Year! 2016 will be a year of transition, both personally and for our SewAmazin business. I'll be taking some extended time off for medical reasons very soon, and I'll need to put my shops on IndieMade and ArtFire in full vacation mode while I recuperate.

The hiatus should begin in April as early as mid-February and could last several weeks or months. I'm hoping to return at least part-time by the end of June April.

Our Winter Clearance sale on ArtFire will continue until January 31, 2016. Every item in my ArtFire shop is ready-to-ship, on sale at 25% off and no coupon codes are needed.

We still have a selection of dog bandanas and scrunchie neck ruffles available for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter, in a variety of sizes. All orders will be mailed promptly, usually within 2-4 business days.

Shop.SewAmazin.com - SewAmazin on IndieMade

What's new at shop.SewAmazin.com in January

I have quite a few completed items in my inventory that were made in 2015 and didn't find their way into my shop last year. 

During January, I've been taking photos and adding new listings to my IndieMade shop for these accessories. I've also started moving listings from my ArtFire shop over to IndieMade.

Look for these new additions in the What's New section on IndieMade.

Use coupon code SAVE25 at checkout for 25% off your entire order from my IndieMade shop through January 31, 2016.

Click on any image below for more information and to order  

Accessories for Dog Lovers

New! Playful Scotty Dogs 3-Piece Accessory Gift Set
Arooo! These adorable black Scottish terriers are having a grand time chasing colorful balls on this 3 piece accessory gift set. The red fabric print on each piece is accented by lining fabric with white text doggie phrases on a black background. Set includes a Tri-fold Wallet, Travel Tissue Case and Large Hand Sanitizer Bottle Holder/Dog Waste Bag Holder. A pawfect gift for Scottie lovers!
 Playful Scotty Dogs Accessory Gift Set

Travel Tissue Cases, Hand Sanitizer Bottle Holders/Dog Waste Bag Holders: New listings to match existing collections.
  • Cairn Terriers
  • Camouflage Dog Bones
  • Woof's Up? Dog Lovers
  • Tie Dye Doggie Bones
 Cairn Terriers Travel Tissue Case   Camouflage Dog Bones Travel Tissue Case
   Camouflage Dog Bones Dog Waste Bag Holder  Woofs Up Hand Sanitizer Bottle Holders  Tie Dye Doggie Bones Travel Tissue Case  Tie Dye Doggie Bones Hand Sanitizer Bottle Holders

Coffee Cup Cozies, Sleeves, Wraps

New: Westie Terrier Embroidered Coffee Cup Cozy
This wrap is made of green tartan plaid cotton fabric and padded with polyester batting. The front is embellished with a machine embroidered white terrier with a red collar over a round, black applique. A shiny black button and elastic form the closure.
 Westie Terrier Coffee Cup Cozy

Moved from ArtFire:
  • Woof's Up? Dog Lovers
  • Peace Love Hearts
  • Pink Skullies
 Woofs Up Dog Lovers Coffee Cup Cozy  Peace Love Hearts Coffee Cup Cozy, Cold Drink Wrap  Pink Skulls Coffee Cup Cozy, Cold Drink Wrap

Key Chains, Key Fobs

New! Zippered Key Fobs: You won't lose track of your keys in the bottom of your bag with one of these fun key fobs! The unique zippered section is perfect for holding small treasures like lip balm, a USB jump drive, coins or jewelry. Made of quilting weight cotton fabrics, the front of each key fob is embellished with decorative eyelet stitches along each side of the nylon zipper. Split key ring is included with each one.
  • Dog Lovers
  • Woof's Up?
  • Pink Plaid Westies
  • Camouflage Dog Bones
  • Tie Dye Doggie Bones
 Dog Lovers Zippered Key Fob  Woof's Up? Dog Lovers Zippered Key Fob | SewAmazin  Pink Plaid Westies Zippered Key Fob Camouflage Dog Bones Zipper Key Fob  Tie Dye Doggie Bones Zipper Key Fob, Key Chain

Coin Purses & Pouches

Moved from ArtFire: Red Lips Valentine Coin Purse, Ear Bud Pouch, Key Fob
This lip-shaped coin purse is just the right size for carrying a few coins, lipstick or lip balm, a USB stick and other small items like rings or jewelry. Attach the heart shaped split ring to your key chain or clip it to your purse for decoration. Great gift idea for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or your sweetheart's birthday! Update: Sold out as of Jan-22-2016

These ready-to-ship bandanas have moved to Indiemade:

Happy Birthday Scrunchie Bandanas and Collar Slipcover Bandanas
These bandanas have brightly colored Happy Birthday text, balloons, streamers, confetti and stars in blue, green, pink, yellow, orange and purple on a black background. READY-TO-SHIP Scrunchie Bandanas or Collar Slipcover-style bandanas in select sizes
 Happy Birthday Dog Bandana with Balloons, Streamers and Stars | SewAmazin

These made-to-order scrunchie neck ruffles have moved to Indiemade:

Valentine Dog Scrunchie Neck Ruffles: 
Update Jan-24-2016: I've had a few setbacks from the side effects of my therapy affecting my hands and as a result, it is too painful for me to sew anything. Sorry, I cannot make any custom sized ruffles until I return in the Summer.. I will be taking orders for custom size, made-to-order Scrunchie Neck Ruffles only until January 31, 2016. Sorry, I cannot make dog bandanas at this time.
  • Chocolate Truffles Candy
  • Puppy Love Conversation Hearts Candy
  • Lovely Hearts Blue 
 Chocolate Truffles Valentine Dog Scrunchie Neck Ruffle  Puppy Love Conversation Hearts Valentine Dog Scrunchie Neck Ruffle  Lovely Hearts Blue Valentine Dog Scrunchie Neck Ruffle

St. Patricks Day Scrunchie Neck Ruffles
  • Green Mugs and Pints Lucky Dog
  • Shamrocks, Pitchers and Pints
 Green Mugs and Pints St Patricks Day Lucky Dog Scrunchie Neck Ruffle  Shamrocks, Pitchers and Pints St Patricks Day Dog Scrunchie Neck Ruffle

Winter Scrunchie Neck Ruffles
  • Frozen Winter Snowflakes 
  • Winter Flurries Snowflakes in Blue, Red or Green
 Frozen Winter Snowflakes Dog Scrunchie Neck Ruffle  Winter Flurries Snowflake Dog Scrunchie Neck Ruffle

I will combine the shipping on orders placed in both shops within 24 hours, mailed to a single address

updated: Mar-18-2016

December 30, 2015

Accessories for Cat Fanciers

These handmade purse accessories for cat lovers are currently available and ready to ship in the Cat Fanciers section of my shop on IndieMade.

For more fun feline accessories, see my blog post: 

Click on any image for more photos, detailed descriptions and to order

Leopard Print Tri-fold Wallet, Travel Tissue Case, Hand Sanitizer Holders
Walk on the wild side and stay organized with these purse accessories made of brown mini leopard print cotton fabric.

Tri-fold Wallet: has 6 slip pockets for credit cards, one zippered pocket for keeping coins and cash, and a reinforced flat pocket for holding checks or a cell phone.

Pocket Tissue Case: Keep your travel tissue packs, packaged hand wipes or other personal items clean and tidy in this zippered case.

Hand Sanitizer Bottle Holders: Carry hand sanitizer bottles in either 1 oz or 2 oz sizes. Slip your bottle into the pocket so the lid pokes through an opening at the bottom. Most hand sanitizer bottles of Purell or other store brands (Bath & Body Works, CVS, Harmon, etc.) will fit inside. 
Leopard Print Hand Sanitizer Holders or Dog Waste Bag Dispenser | SewAmazin      Leopard Print Large Hand Sanitizer or Lotion Holder for 2 oz bottles | SewAmazin

The large size hand sanitizer bottle holder also can be used to dispense dog waste bags; slip a roll into the holder and pull the bags through the opening at the bottom.
 Leopard Print Large holder also dispenses dog waste bags | SewAmazin

originally published: Dec-30-2015

December 18, 2015

What's New for December

My shops are still in semi-vacation mode while I'm on a break for medical reasons. This means that ready-to-ship items are available in both my SewAmazin website and my shop on ArtFire and can be ordered during my absence. All orders will be mailed promptly, usually within 2-4 business days. I won't be able to take on any custom orders or special requests until Summer 2016.

 Dog Scrunchie Neck Ruffles by SewAmazin
I've been feeling good recently, so I've added a few made-to-order, custom-sized scrunchie neck ruffles for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day to my shop on Indiemade: Shop.SewAmazin.com. The scrunchie neck ruffles are quick to stitch and I enjoy making them, so they'll be available through January 31, 2016.

Use coupon code SAVE25 at checkout for 25% off your entire order!

The newest listings can be found in the What's New section of the shop.

 SewAmazin on ArtFire
The Year-end Clearance Sale continues in my shop on ArtFire! Every item is 25% off and many items have been reduced.

Ready-to-ship dog bandanas and ruffles, accessories for pet lovers and holiday gifts are all on sale, no coupon codes required.

Last summer, I began moving listings from ArtFire to IndieMade; those plans had to be put on hold for several months. I plan to resume moving selected items in 2016.

  • I will combine shipping if you place an order in both shops within 24 hours, mailed to a single address.

Happy Holidays from SewAmazin! In case you missed it, here's the link to our December Newsletter

Kitty Cat Shaped Coin Pouches, Key Rings and Cases

Kitty Cat cases are purr-fect for cat lovers and rescuers! Find them in the Cat Fanciers section of my website.

For more fun feline accessories, see my blog post:

Click on any image for more photos, detailed descriptions and to order

Black Cats with Glow in the Dark Eyes: Coin Purse / Earbud Pouch
These Black Cats have eyes and noses stitched with glow in the dark threads. The coin purse shaped like a cat's face is purr-fect for carrying change, lipstick, USB sticks, ear buds, and other small items like rings or jewelry. Attach it to your key ring, clip it to your purse or backpack, wear it around your neck on a lanyard. 
 Black Cat with Glow in the Dark Eyes Coin Purse, Earbud Pouch Black Cat Coin Purse Key Fob with glow in the dark eyes

Tortoise Shell Calico Cats: Padded Zipper Case and Coin Purse/Earbud Pouch
If your tortoise shell calico kitty is your best friend, these accessories are purr-fect for you!

The padded zipper case will carry your slim digital camera, iPhone, Android phone or other small device with room to spare! Other uses: Store your Bluetooth earpiece, earbuds; hold pocket tissues, hand sanitizers, lotion; carry crafting items like embroidery scissors, pins, crochet hooks, stitch markers; keep track of pens, pencils and other small tools. Measures about 4.75 inches wide by 6.75 inches tall.
Tortoise Shell Calico Kitty Cat shaped padded phone camera device case Tortoise Shell Calico Kitty Cat Coin Purse Key Fob

Orange Tiger Stripe Tabby Cats: Padded Zipper Case and Coin Purse/Earbud Pouch
Made of cotton quilting weight fabric in coppery orange with brown tiger stripes; zipper case and coin purse are lined with a coordinating paw print fabric.
Orange Tiger Stripe Kitty Cat padded zipper pouch Orange Tiger Stripe Tabby Cat Coin Purse or Key Fob 

Orange Ginger, Marmalade and Tabby Kitty Cats: Padded Zipper Cases and Coin Purses, Earbud Pouches
Ginger is made of a marbled pattern cotton quilting weight fabric that reminds me of an orange creamsicle!
Ginger Orange Kitty Cat shaped padded device camera cell phone case  Orange Marmalade Kitty Cat Coin Purse, Ear Bud Pouch

Orange Marmalade is made of orange batik print cotton quilting weight fabric; Orange Tabby Cat is made of a small scale scroll patterned fabric.
Orange Marmalade Kitty Cat shaped padded cell phone camera device case  Orange Tabby Cat Coin Purse, Earbud Pouch, Key Fob

Brown Kitty Cats: Padded Zipper Cases, Sunglass Case/Cell Phone Sleeve, Coin Purse/Earbud Pouch
Cocoa Brown Cats are done in chocolate brown and lined with a coordinating plaid; Caramel Brown Calico Cats are in marbled print of caramel brown and gray and lined with a coordinating paw print fabric

Padded Zipper Cases
Cocoa Brown Kitty Cat shaped Gadget Holder Zipper Case Purse Pouch Caramel Brown Kitty Cat Zipper Purse Gadget Case

Sunglass Case/Cell Phone Sleeves
The padded sunglass cases will carry your favorite sunglasses or reading glasses or small devices like cell phones, iPod or slim digital cameras. Measures about 4 inches wide by 6.75 inches tall

My Samsung Galaxy S3 phone with a case will fit snugly inside either case.
Cocoa Brown Kitty Cat shaped Sunglass or Device Case Caramel Brown Calico Cat Sunglass Case or Cell Phone Pocket

Coin Purse/Earbud Pouches
Cocoa Brown Persian Cat Coin Purse, Key Fob, Bag Charm, Ear Bud Pouch Caramel Brown Calico Cat Coin Purse, Key Fob, Earbud Pouch, Bag Charm

Blue and Pink Cats: Padded Zipper Cases and Coin Purses, Earbud Pouches
Each zippered pouch/gadget case is padded, fully lined and includes a silver color split keyring on grosgrain ribbon. The zipper pull has a small glass fish bead attached to a narrow ribbon.

Padded Zipper Cases
Blue Polka Dot Kitty Cat Gadget Holder  Pink Kitty Cat shaped Cell Phone Case, Zipper Purse, Cosmetic Pouch

Coin Purses/Earbud Pouches
 Blue Polka Dot Kitty Cat Coin Purse, Earbud Pouch, Key Fob  Pink Polka Dot Kitty Cat Coin Purse, Earbud Pouch, Key Fob  Blue Kitty Cat Coin Purse, Key Fob, Purse Charm, Earbud Pouch  Pink Kitty Cat Coin Purse, Earbud Pouch, Key Fob, Purse Charm

  • These cases, coin purses and key fobs were made using in-the-hoop embroidery designs by Embroidery Garden.
  • I donate a portion of the sales price of each cat shaped case to our local no-kill shelter, Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge.

originally published: Dec-18-2015
Feb-11-2016 update to remove sold out Gray Kitty Cat Case, Black Cat Key Fob, Tortoise Shell Sunglass Case
Feb-28-2016 update to remove sold Key Fobs, Tiger Stripe Sunglass Case, Pink Polka Dot Zipper Case
Mar-31-2016 update photos
Aug-21/22-2016 change links for Pink Polka Dot, Blue and Orange Tabby coin purses, Orange Marmalade zipper case, Black Cat Coin Purse and Blue Polka Dots to Indiemade
Aug-24-2016 change links for Tortoise Shell, Tiger Stripe, Ginger Orange, Caramel Brown, Coco Brown, Pink to Indiemade