Accessories for Dog Lovers

In addition to Westies and terriers, I like to collect fabrics with doggie themes like paw prints and dog bones. Sometimes I know exactly what project the fabric will be used to create and other times the fabric will remain part of my stash, waiting for the perfect project. 

These accessories for dog lovers are currently available and ready to ship in my shops on my website and on Etsy.

For more cute canine accessories, see my blog posts: 

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Woof's Up: Tri-fold Wallet, Key Fob, Hand Sanitizer Bottle Holders
This fabric print has various canine phrases in bright, cheerful colors, organized subway graffiti-style on a chocolate brown background. Some of the phrases include Woof's Up in green, Woof Woof in aqua blue, Grrrr in red, Sniff Sniff in white, Yip Yip in orange. A few bones and paw prints in the same colors are scattered throughout the pattern.

Tri-fold Wallet: has 6 slip pockets for credit cards, one zippered pocket for keeping coins and cash, and a reinforced flat pocket for holding checks or a cell phone.
 Woofs Up Fabric Wallet, Checkbook Wallet, Credit Card Wallet Woofs Up? Trifold Fabric Wallet, inside pockets | SewAmazin

Key Chain, Key Fob: You won't lose track of your keys in the bottom of your bag with this fun key fob! The unique zippered section is perfect for holding small treasures like lip balm, a USB jump drive, coins or a single key
 Woofs Up Zipper Key Chain, Dog Lovers Key Fob

Hand Sanitizer Bottle Cover/Dog Waste Bag Dispenser: Carry hand sanitizer bottles in either 1 oz or 2 oz sizes. Slip your bottle into the pocket so the lid pokes through an opening at the bottom. Most hand sanitizer bottles of Purell or other store brands (Bath & Body Works, CVS, Harmon, etc.) will fit inside.
 Woofs Up Hand Sanitizer Bottle Covers

The large size hand sanitizer holder also can be used to dispense dog waste bags; slip a roll into the holder and pull the bags through the opening at the bottom.
 Woofs Up Dog Waste Bag Holder

Camouflage Doggie Bones: Zipper Key Fob, Hand Sanitizer Bottle Covers/Dog Waste Bag Dispenser, Coffee Cup Wrap
This camouflage design is made entirely of doggie bones in ecru, tan, dark brown and green, scattered all over a chocolate brown background.

 Camo Dog Bones Zippered Key Fob

 Camo Dog Bones Hand Sanitizer Bottle Covers  Camo Dog Bones Dog Waste Bag Holder

Coffee Cup Cozy: Protect your hands from the heat of your morning cup of coffee or wrap it around your favorite smoothies and iced beverages to absorb condensation and keep your fingers warm and dry. The coffee cup wrap is secured with a button and elastic so it will fit a variety of paper or ceramic cup sizes, from 12 to 20 ounces. It's washable, re-usable and eco-friendly ~ a great gift for coffee drinkers and dog lovers!
 Camo Doggie Bones Coffee Cup Cozy  Camo Dog Bones Coffee Cup Cozy

Tie Dye Doggie Bones Coffee Cup Cozy, Zippered Key Fob, Hand Sanitizer Bottle Covers/Dog Waste Bag Holder, Travel Tissue Case
These groovy accessories are made of cotton fabric and padded with polyester batting. The tie dye print has brightly colored spirals in blue, red, yellow and green, accented with white doggie bones and paw prints.

 Tie Dye Doggie Bones Coffee Cup Wrap  Tie Dye Doggie Bones Coffee Cup Cozy

 Tie Dye Doggie Bones Zipper Key Chain

 Tie Dye Doggie Bones Hand Sanitizer Bottle Cover  Tie Dye Doggie Bones Dog Waste Bag Holder

Pocket Tissue Case: Keep your travel tissue packs, packaged hand wipes or other personal items clean and tidy in this zippered case.
 Tie Dye Doggie Bones Travel Tissue Case

  • These items were made using in-the-hoop embroidery designs created by Embroidery Garden
  • I donate a portion of the sales price of each dog lover's accessory to our local no-kill shelter; part of the sales price of each coffee cup cozy is donated to our local food bank. 

originally published: Dec-4-2015
Dec-28-2015 update Woof's Up Coffee Cup Cozy
Jan-1-2016 Add Woof's Up Zippered Key Fob
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Jan-9-2016 Add Woofs Up Hand Sanitizer Bottle Holders, Camo Dog Bone Zippered Key Fob, Tie Dye Doggie Bones Tissue Case, Hand Sanitizer Holders and Key Fob
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