We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our friends and customers for your condolences and support since the loss of our beloved Westie, Keli in October 2018. For various reasons, Penny and I have decided to close our shop permanently.

Shop Closing Clearance Sale & Keli's Korner by SewAmazin | Fall 2019

In October 2018, we had to say goodbye to our precious Westie, Keli. She was my best friend for nearly 17 years and was the inspiration for so many of my sewing creations. She's been gone just over 11 months now and not a day goes by that we don't feel a tremendous void in our lives.

For various reasons, both personal and business-related, Penny and I have decided to close our shop on Etsy permanently. For me, there's no joy in sewing or creating anything right now. For Penny, at age 12, she's been diagnosed with copper storage disease, affecting her liver. It's a genetic disease and we missed the few detectable symptoms these past few years while we were focused on Keli's and my health. It's treatable with medication and diet (and her condition is improving), but her care is one of my priorities now.

Other factors in this decision include the number of changes that Etsy has made for sellers and the closure our local post office since early this year. It's become far too complicated and time-consuming for a business as small as ours to continue.

Earlier this year we created a group on Facebook and named it Keli's Korner by SewAmazin. This group is linked to our SewAmazin Facebook page and has two main purposes:

1) Shop Closing Clearance Sale: We still have quite a few ready-made and sample dog bandanas and neck ruffles and accessories for pet owners in our inventory. These items will be available for sale through our group. Shipping is currently limited to US addresses, but I'll consider international shipping by request. All items will be invoiced through PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account to pay.

You can browse the listings in the Photos section of our Keli's Korner group on Facebook.

Many of the bandanas and ruffles are samples, worn only for photo purposes by Keli or Penny; the sample size is Medium for bandanas (6 inch drop) and neck size 14 inch for both ruffles and bandanas. We do have some seasonal ruffles and bandanas available in multiple sizes.

Keli's Korner by SewAmazin
If you don't have a Facebook account, you can see all items listed in our group in our Keli's Korner by SewAmazin - Google Photo Album.

I've been adding listings to our group slowly. It's been very difficult for me, since so many of them use Keli's photo as the model, so if there is something shown in this blog that is not listed in the group yet, please contact me for information.

2) PDF Sewing Patterns:  Over the years I've worked sporadically on creating sewing patterns for both Scrunchie Neck Ruffles and Scrunchie Bandanas. Since I don't plan on making bandanas in the near future, I've made both of my files available in PDF format for members of our group for their personal use. The sewing instructions are considered to be rough drafts - I might make changes to them in the future. The patterns are available for download from the Files section of our Keli's Korner group on Facebook

SewAmazin Newsletter:   I don't plan to send any more newsletters and will only update this blog in the unlikely event that we decide to re-open our shop.


Penny and I would like to thank our customers and friends who have supported our little business, through it's ups and downs for the past eight years. It was fun while it lasted and we will miss everyone!


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