Welcome to my SewAmazin Store blog!

My original blog, SewAmazin, is my personal sewing blog, where I have shared my sewing and crafty projects, what inspires them and how I make them. Because my readers are mostly interested in sewing, I've tried to keep it focused on the making, and not so much on the selling of my handmade items. I think of it as a landing page for all things SewAmazin, with links to all my other social media identities.

Today I'm launching SewAmazin's Store blog! This new blog is linked to the original and it's main purpose is to be a place where I can freely promote my own shops and those of other artisans and eventually sell some of my finished projects and surplus sewing and needlework supplies.

I'm still getting things organized and setting up my links and pages and gadgets, but hopefully I will be posting here on a fairly regular basis. See you soon!


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