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Our shop is closed indefinitely while we mourn the loss of our beloved Westie, Keli.

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Christmas Dog Bandanas and Scrunchie Neck Ruffles

Christmas dog bandanas and pet scrunchie neck ruffles in traditional holiday red and green as well as fun, whimsical prints.
  • We've Moved! All of our Made-to-order, custom size dog bandanas and pe scrunchie neck ruffles and Ready-to-ship, retired designs can be ordered at SewAmazin on Etsy.
- See our Plaid and Tartan Dog Bandanas and Ruffles for more holiday options.
- See our Winter Dog Bandanas and Ruffles for Penguins, Polar Bears, Snowflakes and snowy seasonal designs

Click on any image for more information and to order

Please order by December 9, 2018 to ensure U.S. delivery by Christmas Eve

Santa Claus Christmas Dog Bandana
It's ruff waiting for Santa Paws to arrive! This jolly bandana is packed with whimsical Santa Claus faces to help your best friend celebrate the season. New 2017 :: moved to Etsy 2018 or contact me to order
 Hey Santa Claus Christmas Dog Bandana  Santa Claus Christmas Dog Bandana

Pastel Christmas Trees Dog Bandana
Ring in the season with whimsical, Christmas trees and tiny red cardinals on an icy blue background. New 2017 ::  contact me to order
 Pastel Christmas Trees Dog Bandana  Pastel Christmas Trees Dog Bandanas

Red Poinsettias and Roses Christmas Collar Slipcover and Over-the-Collar Bandanas
Christmas Red Poinsettias and Roses with holly leaves and berries, evergreens, pine cones and metallic gold accents are featured on this elegant bandana. Your dog will look festive in holiday photos! Can be personalized with pet's name in embroidery
 Christmas Dog Bandana, Red Poinsettia, Roses  Christmas Dog Bandana, Red Poinsettias and Roses

Over-the-collar bandanas:
 Christmas Dog Bandana, over the collar, red poinsettia, roses

Penguins in Scarves Christmas Dog Bandana and Scrunchie Neck Ruffles
Rows of pudgy penguins line up on a green background for these cool bandanas and scrunchie ruffles. Fun for Christmas or Winter. Each little black and white penguin wears a red polka dot hat and scarf - except for the few who dare to be different by wearing green scarves. Bandana added 2017 :: moved to Etsy 2018
 Penguins in Scarves Christmas Dog Bandana  Happy Penguins in Scarves Christmas Dog Bandana
 Christmas Dog Bandana, Penguins with Scarves  Perky Penguins Winter Christmas Pet Scrunchie Neck Ruffle

Peppermint Candy Christmas Bandana and Scrunchie Neck Ruffle
Red and white swirled peppermint candies are the theme of these sweet Christmas bandanas and scrunchie neck ruffles! Bandana added 2017 :: re-stocked and moved to Etsy 2018
 Peppermint Candy Christmas Dog Bandana  Peppermint Candy Christmas Dog Bandana
 Christmas Dog Scrunchie Ruffle, Peppermint Candy

Christmas Red Green White Stripes Dots Dog Scrunchie Neck Ruffle
This festive ruffle is just a bit whimsical in fresh shades of lime, sage and holly greens with red and white accents. Re-stocked for 2018 - contact me to order a bandana in this design.
 Christmas Dog Scrunchie Ruffle, red, green, stripes, dots  Christmas Dog Scrunchie Ruffle, Stripes, Dots, Red, Green

Last Chance and Retired Designs

Penguins in Snowflakes Collar Slipcover Bandana, Medium
Happy penguins dressed in purple, green and icy blue hats and scarves play in the snow on this winter bandana. They look like they are dancing among white snowflakes on the red background. 
 Christmas Dog Bandana, Penguins in Snowflakes

Christmas Reindeer Over-the-Collar Dog Bandanas
Whimsical with a little bit of glam for Christmas, tiny reindeer printed in metallic gold on a red background, some wear green wreaths around their necks while others wear red bows or stars.
 Christmas Dog Bandana, over the collar, reindeer

Christmas Cupcakes Over-the-Collar Dog Bandanas
Sample the Christmas Cupcakes in red and green wrappers, decorated with red, white and green swirl peppermint candies, sprinkles, holly leaves and mistletoe on these yummy holiday bandanas.
 Christmas Dog Bandana, over the collar, cupcakes

Red or Green with Gold Swirls Scrunchie Neck Ruffles
Made in coordinating Christmas red and green fabric with whimsical gold swirls.
 Christmas Swirls Dog Scrunchie Ruffle, Green or Red with Gold Scrolls
 Christmas Dog Scrunchie Ruffle, Red Gold Swirls  Christmas Dog Scrunchie Ruffle, Green Gold Swirls

Christmas Holiday Red or Green with Gold Stripes Pet Scrunchie Neck Ruffles
Traditional holiday red or green with gold stripes.
 Christmas Stripes Dog Scrunchie Ruffle, Red or Green and Gold
 Christmas Dog Scrunchie Ruffle, Red Gold Stripes  Christmas Dog Scrunchie Ruffle, Green, Gold, Stripes

Holiday Homespun Scrunchie Neck Ruffles
Red with olive green stripes, accented with shiny metallic threads make up a traditional look with a little bit of glitz for your pet for Christmas. Contact me to order
 Christmas Dog Scrunchie Ruffle, Holiday Homespun  Christmas Dog Scrunchie Ruffle, Holiday Homespun

Santa's Elves Christmas Dog Bandana
Santa's Elves dressed in blue-green suits and hats do the Christmas happy dance on this whimsical holiday pet bandana. Cheerful boy and girl elves in striped stockings and shoes with curled toes are blonde, brunette and red-haired. I can't stop humming the elf song from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer: "We are Santa's elves, filling Santa's shelves ....." Ho ho ho! Contact me to order
 Christmas Dog Bandana, Santa Elves

  • Bandanas are handmade to order in your choice of either Collar Slipcover-style that slip over your pet's collar or as Scrunchie Bandana style, with an elastic neckband that slips over the head.
  • Scrunchie Neck Ruffles are handmade to order and custom sized to your pet's neck circumference; they are made with elastic to slip easily over the head and do not attach to a collar.
  • Over-the-Collar Bandanas are worn over your pet's collar, so they won't come off until you take them off. They are scaled slightly smaller than collar slipcover and scrunchie style bandanas.

I donate a portion of the sales price of each bandana or collar slipcover to a different Westie rescue organization each quarter and part of the sales of each scrunchie neck ruffle to our local no-kill shelter.

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