Watermelons & Fireworks: Summer News

What's New for Summer

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New Patriotic Bandanas
This month we've added three red, white and blue designs that can be worn to parades and parties celebrating Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4 / Independence Day, Veteran's Day and other USA holidays! 

American Flags & Eagles Patriotic Dog Bandana
Majestic eagles, wings stretched out in flight are the focal point of this patriotic print. The background design is a collage of overlapping American flags. This symbol of freedom can be worn to celebrate Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4 (Independence Day), Veteran's Day and other USA holidays. New 2017
 American Flags and Eagles Patriotic Dog Bandana  American Flags and Eagles Dog Bandanas

Patriotic Fireworks & Stars Dog Bandana
Bursts of fireworks in patriotic red, white and light denim blue on a navy blue background are perfect for July 4th / Independence Day celebrations! New 2017 - Can be personalized with your pet's name in embroidery
 Patriotic Fireworks and Stars Patriotic Dog Bandana  Patriotic Fireworks and Stars Dog Bandana

Star Spangled Stripes Dog Bandana and Scrunchie Neck Ruffle
Navy blue, red and white stripes, white stars. Restocked for 2017 and now available as a bandana! Bandana can be personalized with your pet's name in embroidery
 Star Spangled Stripes Dog Bandana, red white and blue  Star Spangled Stripes Dog Bandana
 Star Spangled Stripes Patriotic Dog Scrunchie Ruffle  Star Spangled Stripes Patriotic Dog scrunchie Ruffle

Watermelon Collection, Summer 2017
Summer will be here in a few days and we're serving up watermelons! We have not one, but three bandana designs featuring sweet, juicy watermelons! We've brought back our popular Watermelon Slice bandana, and added Sweet Watermelons on Black plus a special request of Pastel Watermelons. Each one can be ordered as either a Scrunchie Bandana with an elastic neck or as a Collar Slipcover style.
 Summer Dog Bandanas, custom sizes

Watermelon Slice
Share a nice, juicy slice of watermelon with your dog this summer! We've brought back this sweet bandana for a limited time, while supplies last. The base fabric is a realistic print of red watermelon fruit, complete with seeds. The neckband/casing looks just like a real watermelon rind.
 Watermelon Slice Dog Bandana  Watermelon Slice Dog Bandana

Sweet Watermelons on Black
Sweet slices of watermelons on a black background are perfect for summer picnics!
 Sweet Watermelons on Black, Summer Dog Bandana  Sweet Watermelons on Black Summer Dog Bandana

Pastel Watermelons
Sweet pink and red watermelon slices on a sky blue background are reminiscent of a watercolor painting. This popular design was requested by one of our most loyal customers and we were only able to locate a few yards, so supplies are limited! 
 Pastel Watermelon Dog Bandana  Summer Pastel Watermelon Dog Bandana

Other Shop News

Newsletter Change:
In May, we changed our newsletter format, in order to keep our subscribers updated on a regular basis. New products, shop updates and customer photos will be posted on our website blog once or twice a month and subscribers will receive a weekly digest of our blog updates by email, only when we have news to share.

SewAmazin's Studio blog will continue to be updated with our news and also will be a place to promote our handmade friends and share link-ups, but won't be included in our newsletter feed

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New Payment Option:
In May we added a new payment option to our website to accept secure credit and debit card payments in addition to payments processed through PayPal. You can choose the payment option you prefer at checkout. 

Clearance Items:
June is a "Adopt a Shelter Cat Month" so we've reduced the price of most of our cat zipper cases and coin purses! They can be 'adopted' from the Cat Fanciers or Last Chance and Discontinued sections of our shop. Some of our retired Westie accessories and puppy dog shaped cases have also been added to the Clearance section!
Clearance, Last Chance and Discontinued Clearance, Last Chance and Discontinued

Product Reviews:
IndieMade is beta testing product reviews, so we've enabled that feature in our shop. If you would like to review one of our products, please log in or create an account to access this feature.

SewAmazin on Etsy:
My Etsy shop is stocked with ready-to-ship accessories for dog lovers, cat lovers and more. We are moving our retired dog bandanas and scrunchie neck ruffles to Etsy at reduced, clearance prices.

Keli's Surgery:
This month's news was delayed a bit because of our Westie, Keli's surgery on June 8. She had several growths removed, including one large, bothersome one on her nose that turned out to be low-grade malignant.

Our vet was reluctant to put her under anesthesia at age 15+ but she did great and is healing nicely. She's still very feisty and requires lots of supervision to keep her from scratching her sutures - even with an e-collar, she's sneaky and finds ways to rub her face!

Doc was able to remove the tumor with clear margins, so we expect her to recover and enjoy the rest of her years in comfort! She may even model bandanas again when her fur grows back...

Keli post surgery June 2017


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