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Summer Dog Bandanas and Scrunchie Neck Ruffles

These fun dog bandanas are perfect for Summer outings and picnics at the beach!
  • We've moved! All of our Made-to-order, custom sized dog bandanas and pet scrunchie ruffles and Ready-to-ship, retired designs are available at SewAmazin on Etsy
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If you'd like a bandana fabric made as a scrunchie ruffle, contact me for a custom order!

Seashore Treasures Beach Dog Bandana
This print features beautiful seashells, starfish and other sea treasures that can be found along the shore, scattered on an ocean blue background. New 2017
 Seashore Treasures Beach Dog Bandana  Seashore Treasures Beach Dog Bandana

Pink Flamingo Paradise Summer Dog Bandana
Flamingos are known for their bright pink feathers, long legs, and curvy necks. This tropical print features trendy pink flamingos and leafy green palms. Colors include shades of green, pink, orange, black and white. New 2017 - contact me to order 
 Pink Flamingo Paradise Dog Bandana  Pink Flamingo Paradise Summer Dog Bandana

Red Poppies Dog Bandana
Packed with vibrant red poppies, this bandana is perfect for late Summer to early Fall! For gardeners, the red poppy is a cheery sign of summer because of its size and intense colors. Red Poppies are considered to symbolize sacrifice and remembrance, especially for fallen and disabled veterans. Fans of "The Wizard of Oz" will remember them for their sedative effects. The poppy is also one of the flowers of the month for birthdays in August (along with the gladiolus). New 2017
 Red Poppies Dog Bandana  Red Poppies Dog Bandana

Rustic Sunflowers Dog Bandana
Bits of blue sky peek through the golden yellow field of rustic sunflowers on this sophisticated dog bandana, perfect for late Summer to early Fall. Sunflowers are bright and cheery and lift the spirit with their sun-like appearance. They symbolize adoration and loyalty, two attributes commonly associated with our beloved canine companions. New 2017 - contact me to order
 Rustic Sunflowers Dog Bandana  Rustic Sunflowers Dog Bandana

Watermelon Collection, Summer 2017
Summer's here and we're serving up watermelons! We have not one, but three bandana designs featuring sweet, juicy watermelons! We've brought back our popular Watermelon Slice bandana, and added Sweet Watermelons on Black plus a special request of Pastel Watermelons. Each one can be ordered as either a Scrunchie Bandana with an elastic neck or as a Collar Slipcover style.
 Summer Dog Bandanas, custom sizes

Watermelon Slice
Share a nice, juicy slice of watermelon with your dog this summer! We've brought back this sweet bandana for a limited time, while supplies last. The base fabric is a realistic print of red watermelon fruit, complete with seeds. The neckband/casing looks just like a real watermelon rind.
 Watermelon Slice Dog Bandana  Watermelon Slice Dog Bandana

Sweet Watermelons on Black
Sweet slices of watermelons on a black background are perfect for summer picnics! New 2017 - contact me to order
 Sweet Watermelons on Black, Summer Dog Bandana  Sweet Watermelons on Black Summer Dog Bandana

Pastel Watermelons
Sweet pink and red watermelon slices on a sky blue background are reminiscent of a watercolor painting. This popular design was requested by one of our most loyal customers and we were only able to locate a few yards, so supplies are very limited! 
 Pastel Watermelon Dog Bandana  Summer Pastel Watermelon Dog Bandana

Burst of Spring Boho Batik Dog Bandana
The colors in this batik fabric remind me of Spring flowers: purple hyacinths, yellow-orange daffodils, pink tulips and their green leaves. This is a fun, bohemian style dog bandana for Spring, Summer or any time of the year! New 2017
 Spring Dog Bandana, Purple Batik, Boho style  Burst of Spring Purple Batik Dog Bandana

Retired and Last Chance Designs:

Sand Dollar Starfish Summer Dog Scrunchie Bandana
This is a great look for beachcombers! Sand dollars and starfish are arranged in a diamond checkerboard pattern. The background colors are two shades of watery blue; the starfish are backed by a lovely aqua and the sand dollars stand out against deep navy.
 Sand Dollar Starfish Summer Dog Bandana  Sand Dollar Starfish Summer Dog Bandana

Shark Dog Bandana, Scrunchie style
Ready for shark week? Your dog can wear these fun scrunchie-style bandanas to the beach all summer long. Silly sharks in gray, aqua and orange swim across a royal blue background on this cotton print fabric. A limited number of bandanas are ready to ship. New 2015
 Shark Dog Bandana, scrunchie style, ready to ship  Shark Dog Bandana, scrunchie style

Lobster Picnic Over-the-Collar Dog Bandana
Your best friend will be ready for summer picnics and clambakes at the beach in a Lobster Picnic bandana. The front fabric has either a red or blue lobster on a wavy blue background. The back and casing fabric is red and white checkerboard plaid, reminiscent of an old-fashioned picnic tablecloth. Perfect for June and National Seafood Month! Retired design - size and quantity are limited
 Lobster Picnic Summer Dog Bandana, over the collar

Flip Flops Over-the-Collar Bandanas
Here's another fun, beach-inspired over-the-collar bandana that's reversible for two looks in one. The front has flip flops and sunglasses tossed on a light blue background, while the back and casing are island blue (aqua) with white Hawaiian style flowers. Retired designs - size and quantity are limited
 Flip Flops Summer Beach Dog Bandana, over the collar 

Surfer Dude and Beach Bum Over-the-Collar Bandanas
A fun beach-inspired design for the summer, these over-the-collar bandanas are reversible for two looks in one. The front is either light island blue or dark ocean blue with white Hawaiian flowers, while the back has a variety of surf boards in green, blue and white. Retired designs - size and quantity are limited
 Surfer Dude Dog Bandana, over the collar  Beach Bum Summer Dog Bandana, over the collar

  • Bandanas are handmade to order in your choice of either Collar Slipcover-style that slip over your pet's collar or as Scrunchie Bandana style, with an elastic neckband that slips over the head. 
  • Scrunchie Neck Ruffles are handmade to order and custom sized to your pet's neck circumference; they are made with elastic and slip easily over the head (do not attach to a collar). 
  • Over-the-Collar Bandanas are worn over your pet's collar, so they won't come off until you take them off. They are scaled slightly smaller than collar slipcover and scrunchie style bandanas.

I donate a portion of the sales price of each bandana or collar slipcover to a different Westie rescue organization each quarter and part of the sales of each scrunchie neck ruffle to our local no-kill shelter.

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