Patriotic Pet Bandanas and Scrunchie Neck Ruffles

Patriotic dog bandanas and pet scrunchie neck ruffles can be worn proudly every day or for USA holidays including Memorial Day, Independence Day / July 4th and Veteran's Day.

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American Flags & Eagles Patriotic Dog Bandana
Majestic eagles, wings stretched out in flight are the focal point of this patriotic print. The background design is a collage of overlapping American flags. This symbol of freedom can be worn to celebrate Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4 (Independence Day), Veteran's Day and other USA holidays. New 2017
 American Flags and Eagles Patriotic Dog Bandana  American Flags and Eagles Dog Bandanas

Patriotic Fireworks & Stars Dog Bandana
Bursts of fireworks in patriotic red, white and light denim blue on a navy blue background are perfect for July 4th / Independence Day celebrations! New 2017
 Patriotic Fireworks and Stars Patriotic Dog Bandana  Patriotic Fireworks and Stars Dog Bandana

Star Spangled Stripes Dog Bandana and Scrunchie Neck Ruffle
Navy blue, red and white stripes, white stars. Restocked for 2017 and now available as a bandana! 
 Star Spangled Stripes Dog Bandana, red white and blue  Star Spangled Stripes Dog Bandana
 Star Spangled Stripes Patriotic Dog Scrunchie Ruffle  Star Spangled Stripes Patriotic Dog scrunchie Ruffle

Last Chance and Retired Designs

These bandanas and collar slipcovers are available in limited quantities. Most are ready to ship; several are discontinued because I am sold out of the fabrics.

Old Glory Patriotic Pet Bandana
Patriotic phrases in navy blue and white, organized graffiti style on a dark cranberry red background. Patriotic words and phrases include: Old Glory, USA, Stars and Stripes, United We Stand, One Nation, Liberty, Pride and Freedom. A few stars and awareness ribbons with stars and stripes are scattered throughout the pattern.
 Old Glory Patriotic Pet Scrunchie Bandana or Collar Slipcover Red Navy

All Star Superhero Patriotic Dog Bandana
Perfect for your favorite all-star! This bandana has superhero style white stars inside blue circles with red and white borders. 2015
 All Star Superhero Patriotic Dog Bandana  All Star Superhero Patriotic Dog Bandana

Patriotic Paisley Dog Bandanas
Patriotic paisley designs, with swirls and stars in red, white and blue. 2015
 Blue Paisley Patriotic Dog Bandana Red Paisley Patriotic Dog Bandana

Red, White and Blue Stripes Patriotic Pet Collar Slipcover Dog Bandana
One ready-to-ship bandana in size Medium - 6 inch drop x 16 inch casing
 Red, White, Blue Stripe Patriotic Dog Bandana  Red, White, Blue Stripe Patriotic Dog Bandana

Grand Old Flag and Denim Blue Paisley Scrunchie Neck Ruffles
Red, white and blue American flag and paisley designs for Patriotic pets.
 Grand Old Flag Patriotic Dog Scrunchie Ruffle  Denim Blue Paisley Patriotic Dog Scrunchie Ruffle

Red with White Stars Scrunchie Neck Ruffle
Size 8 inch only
 Red White Stars Dog Scrunchie Ruffle  Red White Stars Dog Scrunchie Ruffle

Patriotic Stars Scrunchie Neck Ruffles
Sizes 8 and 10 inch only
 Patriotic Stars Dog Scrunchie Ruffle  Patriotic Stars Dog or Cat Scrunchie Ruffle Collar

Over-the-Collar Bandanas: Select sizes are ready to ship while supplies last.

Patriotic Paisley Red and Blue
 Red Paisley Patriotic Dog Bandana, over the collar  Blue Paisley Patriotic Dog Bandana, over the collar

  • Bandanas are handmade to order in your choice of either Collar Slipcover-style that slip over your pet's collar or as Scrunchie Bandana style, with an elastic neckband that slips over the head.
  • Scrunchie Neck Ruffles are handmade to order and custom sized to your pet's neck circumference; they are made with elastic to slip easily over the head and do not attach to a collar.
  • Over-the-Collar Bandanas are worn over your pet's collar, so they won't come off until you take them off. They are scaled slightly smaller than collar slipcover and scrunchie style bandanas.

I donate a portion of the sales price of each bandana or collar slipcover to a different Westie rescue organization each quarter and part of the sales of each scrunchie neck ruffle to our local no-kill shelter.


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