Athenas Owls

Athenas Owls is a clever collection by Shadow Dog Designs. Catherine explains the inspiration for her selections: "In Greek mythology, a little owl traditionally accompanied the goddess of wisdom, Athena. In fact, that particular genus of owls is real and has been named "Athena noctua." Throughout the Western world, owls have been used as a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and insight."

The wide variety of wonderful handmade and vintage items inspired by owls includes: handcrafted owl earrings, an original painting of a baby barn owl, a wedding guest book and wedding cake topper, a ceramic owl bank, owl greeting card, print and party favor tags, an embroidered messenger bag, and my Owl Sewing Kit Pin Cushion with Pink Flowers and scissors.

Owl Sewing Kit Pin Cushion in Pink Flowers with scissors


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the collection here, Donna!


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